New Beginnings is pleased to announce the return of the Maine Department of Education’s HIV Prevention Training Program this fall.  Over the past 25 years, New Beginnings trained teachers, counselors, youth workers, and peer leaders from more than 300 schools and agencies across Maine on how to help teens prevent HIV, other sexually transmitted infections, and unintended pregnancy.

The training program was put on hold in 2013 due to state budget cuts, but the Legislature restored funding for the 2014-15 school year.  “We are grateful to our local legislators for recognizing how important it is for teens to learn how to make healthy choices,” said New Beginnings’ Executive Director Robert Rowe.

New Beginnings will be working closely with D.O.E. and other partners to get this vital evidence-based training going again around the state, sponsoring eight free, intensive training workshops and two statewide conferences.

“The people we train truly make a difference in the lives of thousands of young people,” says New Beginnings Prevention Educator Jody Pierce Glover, “I’ve heard from many teens that these trained educators are often the only source of accurate, life-saving health information in the youth’s lives. They say ‘You’re teaching us the things that we really need to know’.”  

For more information about the program, please contact New Beginnings Prevention Educator Jody Pierce Glover at 207-795-6048 or Community Services Director Mary Ruchinskas at 207-795-4077.

To be added to the prevention training mailing list for 2014-15, please email or call 207-795-4077.