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New Beginnings and Maine Family Planning invite youth-serving agencies and alternative high schools to join a pilot project using the “Be Proud, Be Responsible” 6-session curriculum to help 200+ vulnerable Maine youth to reduce their sexual risk behaviors.

We’re recruiting a range of programs across the state that serve young people who have increased risks for negative health outcomes, including: homeless youth; youth in foster care; LGBTQ youth; rural youth; members or ethnic minorities; and youth living in areas with high birth rates.

Drawing from the year’s  experience, the selected programs will help identify additions or revisions to the curriculum that will make it even more effective with particular groups of youth.

The PREP 2017-18 pilot is in progress and no longer accepting applications.

Interested in being added to the mailing list for info about the 2018-19 PREP training?

Contact Olivia Loneman at New Beginnings, 207-795-4077 x208 


What are the commitments?

Each school or agency will send up to 2 staff members to a free 2-day facilitator training in August or Septemeber. They’ll commit to presenting “Be Proud” at their site to at least 10 youth during the school year. Facilitators will also participate in a webinar demonstrating how to use the program’s online reporting portal and will submit feedback and attendance information about the groups.

What are the benefits?

Attendance at the 2-day training will be supported by stipends for lodging or travel and substitute costs. Each participating school/agency will receive a complete “Be Proud” curriculum set including videos and student workbooks, which they can keep to use in future years. In addition, organizations completing the orientation training will receive a $1,000 stipend.

Follow-up and technical assistance will be available to facilitators throughout the school year. Funding will be provided for incentives to encourage youth participation, and additional stipends will be paid to programs that fulfill their commitment for reaching youth at the end of the year. [Exact amounts can’t be determined until the federal budget is settled]

How many staff can attend the training?

At least one staff must attend; we encourage you to send 2 people if possible. Additional staff would be allowed if there is space.

Can programs/schools that already have attended a Be Proud! Training apply?

Yes, definitely! New staff are welcome and previously trained staff may enjoy a refresher using the updated curriculum.

Can programs/schools collaborate on a single project?

Yes, we encourage schools and agencies to work together if that will make the project more feasible. Only one curriculum set and stipend will be awarded for each project site, however.

Can agencies/school districts send teams from more than one site?

Possibly. We’re looking for a mix of settings and groups of youth, so apply and we’ll let you know.

How does our program apply? How can I get or share more information?

To request to be on the contact list or to get more information, please contact Olivia Loneman at New Beginnings, 207-795-4077 x208.