Apricot Connect Set Up Steps

What is the Connect Portal?

The Connect Portal lets you access forms and surveys, request resources/supplies, contact your case manager or other staff, and other benefits/features that will come in the future.

To get setup in the Connect Portal contact a New Beginnings staff member and they can request your account to be setup in Connect.

Connect is available to anyone who participates in the following programs/services.

  • Marian’s Place – Emergency Youth Shelter
  • Outreach Case Management
  • Drop-In Center
  • Transitional Living Programs

This new portal is a safe and secure way for you to access our services without having to call or stop by.

Creating Your Account

After a New Beginnings staff member requests your account, you will get an email with a link to set your password. After you set your password, you will use your email address and the password you set as your login for the Connect Portal.

1. Click the Link in the Online Connect Access email to create a password for your account.

2. Enter a password in the two fields and click Set Password

3. At the login screen enter your email address and the password you just set in step 2.

If you are in crisis or need immediate assistance DO NOT use the Connect Portal to get in contact with a staff member.