Intersectionality: Power & Practice

Date(s) - 12/17/2020
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM



Training Details

Bianca is a fat light skinned disabled queer AfraLatina who is smiling and looking to the right. Her hands are clasped and we see her orange fingernails and gold rings. She is wearing light blue heart shaped glasses, red lipstick, and has large round gold earrings. Her hair is up and her blondish brown curls cascade around her head. A black t-shirt that scoops across her shoulders reveals her many tattoos on her arms.

Guest trainer Bianca I. Laureano will engage participants around power and the framework, theory, and practice of intersectionality. Participants will learn what an intersectional framework and practice offers, common errors and their corrections, and debunk myths about intersectionality including in work with young people, people living positive with HIV, and racial and gender minority populations. This session will provide participants with an experience to engage with an individual trained as an intersectional scholar.

The learning outcomes for this session include:

  1. Participants will be able to identify two myths / stereotypes of intersectionality.
  2. Participants will be able to list examples of incorporating an intersectional lens with a positive youth development philosophy, including in HIV transmission prevention efforts.


New Beginnings, Inc., with support from the Maine Department of Education, is pleased to offer this training opportunity and Staff of youth-serving agencies and alternative schools are welcome to apply!

Do you work with or otherwise mentor a young person who may be interested in learning the skills associated with participating in this training alongside you? We encourage youth participation and encourage all participants to include young people in their work.

This training series is virtual and will be recorded; participation requires access to a device compatible with Zoom software, a stable internet connection, and working speakers. Participants may also desire to access the full spectrum of “chat” features available, which may require a functional microphone, keyboard, and/or mouse for full participation. Certificates of Attendance will be provided via follow-up email upon completion of this training opportunity, and information regarding the availability to purchase CEU’s is forthcoming.

***Please do not apply unless you can attend the entirety of this training opportunity.***


Training Application

Applications are closed for this event.

For more information contact:
Kelly Colbath

Kelly Colbath

Prevention & Training Coordinator

PLEASE NOTE: Application priority will be given to youth workers and staff from youth/social service agencies, residential programs, and alternative schools who work with teens and young adults at high risk for negative health outcomes or homelessness/out of home placements. Adults/educators who do not currently work directly with these youth (e.g. primarily work with younger adolescents, children, lower-risk populations, or in program administration) may submit an application request but will likely be placed on the waiting list until after the application deadline, and contacted as space allows.