July 1, 2021 UPDATE

Jul 1, 2021 | COVID-19

New Beginnings continues to encourage all staff and youth to get fully vaccinated to reduce the risk from COVID-19. In response to Maine’s Governor lifting the state of emergency, we have updated our COVID-19 response policies:

  • Youth may now eat and drink inside the Drop-In Center; masks are available and encouraged for unvaccinated youth clients but are no longer mandatory.
  • Mask requirements for fully vaccinated staff are lifted in all programs.
  • Visitors, other providers, and staff who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear masks indoors when youth clients or other unvaccinated people are present.
  • Capacity limits are lifted for transporting youth in agency vehicles.
  • On-site BINAX now testing and isolation of symptomatic youth clients will continue in NB residential programs.
  • Maine CDC continues to require specific COVID-19 procedures for visitors to residential facilities: “Unless a facility has been advised otherwise by the CDC, in-person visits between clients and their parents/guardians at Residential facilities should continue with established and enforced visitation procedures including, but not limited to, controlling the number of visitors at a given time, screening incoming visitors for COVID-19 symptoms, and encouraging physical distancing. Face coverings should be worn indoors by all visitors who are not fully vaccinated. Visits should be held outside when possible to allow for physical distancing. Providers must communicate COVID-19 safety precautions and plans to individuals, families, as well as any other visitors prior to entering the facility.”