April 3 Update

Apr 3, 2020 | COVID-19 Youth Updates

Hello NB Youth!  Please check out this week’s info:

***Please stay wherever you are living now unless you must leave to get food, medicine, work an essential job, or exercise outdoors. Stay more than 6 feet apart from other people. ***

For Outreach & Drop-in youth – The Drop-in Center is now closed for the month of April, but the staff are still working hard to make sure you can get the food we know you need! We want to help you get essential supplies while we all have to stay 6 feet apart to keep each other healthy!

You can get a bag of ready-to-eat food or hygiene supplies on Monday or Wednesday between 12-2pm, and a weekend food box on Fridays as usual. You have to request the food box by Thursday at 4 pm. Get in touch with staff by calling the Drop-in Center at (207) 795-6831, messaging @Sammy_Bri_Sarah_Maura on Facebook, or by texting your case manager.

For Shelter & TLP youth – Please check in with staff daily (case managers via phone) to let them know you are healthy, and to tell them if you have any needs or questions they can help with.

What the “Stay Healthy at Home” Order Means for You [PDF]

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